Making Your Home Allergy-Proof: A Holiday Cleanup Guide


If you want to make your home allergy proof, you can follow different ways to keep your home cleaner and healthier.

If you are facing or suffering allergies at your home, you would like to get the home as allergen free as possible. Whether you are sensitized to dust, mold, pollen or all of the above, it can be hard to know where to begin. On holidays you can clean up your home, there are different ways to fight allergens and create a cleaner, healthier home.

Start a no-shoes policy:

Making Your Home Allergy-Proof: A Holiday Cleanup GuideKeep dust, pollen and more from entering your house in the first place by supporting visitors to put their shoes at the door. Provide sufficient interior and exterior doormats to trap shoe dirt and a basket full of slippers for guests.

Swap out heavy curtains:

Making Your Home Allergy-Proof: A Holiday Cleanup GuideFor years, we couldn’t get adequate of large, heavy curtains they were the essence of luxury and sophistication. Thick curtains with lots of folds and pleats are controllers at trapping dust and other allergens. Instead select blinds you can spread down or machine washable curtains at your home.

Remove carpeting:

Making Your Home Allergy-Proof: A Holiday Cleanup GuideIt is difficult to keep your house clean with wall to wall carpeting. Remove your carpet or clean it regularly because it traps more dust at your home. If possible, go with hard flooring like wood, tile etc. Because due to carpets there is more chances of dust as compare to hard floor.

Upgrade your vacuum cleaner:

Making Your Home Allergy-Proof: A Holiday Cleanup GuideTake one with a HEPA filter to trap allergens, these filters work marvels. Also be sure to select a vacuum cleaner with a bag that can be changed easily.

Keep your kitchen clean:

Making Your Home Allergy-Proof: A Holiday Cleanup GuideDeep scrubbing gets done maybe once a year, and our health is paying the price. Holidays are a great source to do a thorough housework of cupboards, in and around your fridge, your pantry, and anywhere else that might get missed on. Keep your kitchen clean on regular basis and always place your food items in airtight containers because in open air their might be bacteria’s.

Cover mattress and pillows:

Making Your Home Allergy-Proof: A Holiday Cleanup GuideYour bedroom might be your coziest room, but that also makes it the greatest allergen-prone room in the house. Zip on dust bug covers to shield your sleeping area. If you have kids, be sure to take covers for their mattresses and pillows too.

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