lahore-se-aageyThe long list of entertaining Pakistani films has proved that the Pakistan Film Industry has helped the revival of the industry. Some of the movies have a great social message. The cherry on top of this revival are the soaring relations between India and Pakistan.

Due to these relations the Indian Films are now banned or release in Pakistan, surely giving room to the Pakistan film industry to keep the audience entertained. Cinemas in Pakistan were become one of the ultimate ways of recreation and entertainment.

So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the move of banning the Indian films came in to save the industry and restore its glory. Some of the Pakistani movies are well directed and the well paced music videos in the movie surely make them an entertainer, some of the examples are “Actor in Law” and “Lahore Se Aagey”.

The Pakistani film distributors were surely disappointed on this act. The most important question remains unanswered and that is “Can Pakistani cinemas survive without Bollywood movies?” The initial decision of banning the films was taken by the cinema owners themselves to show solidarity with the actors. Since India banned Pakistani actors into India. The decision was initiated by super cinema’s owner Nadeem Mandviwalla and it took others some time to bring others on board.


The answer to the question of cinemas survival is very interesting. The Pakistani cinemas are all set to screen their own new films along with the Iranian and Turkish films. The Pakistani film distributors have begun to contact Iran and Turkey for the import of the movies. The Public will surely agree to the decision because Iranian films are more relatable and brilliantly made. The success of Turkish dramas on Urdu1 proves that the audience of Pakistan wouldn’t mind a gripping storyline of the Turkish films.

One of the very famous Iranian films “Children of Heaven” must have been seen by many Pakistanis already. It’s a beautiful movie telling the tale of two siblings help each other go through the hardships of their lives. The innocence of the children, the family bond they share and the beautiful story makes the movie all the more relatable to our socio-economic and cultural values. More of such movies will keep the audience entertained, help inculcate positive values in our generations and keep the Pakistani cinema and film industry alive.

Pakistan is making an effort in every sector and industry; a minor glitch of not having the Bollywood entertainment should not hurt our film distributors. Although there is still a debate on the fact that the Bollywood movies are available online and in the DVD stores so what is the point of an official ban but then again there is always a positive in all the negative as well. The ban will surely help the revival of the Pakistani Film Industry.