PLBW16 day 3 was surely a cherry on top of the entire fashion show. The other two days were all about subtle and pastels. The third day created an aura of festivity with the bold runway models and innovative ways of showcasing the collection.

Nomi Ansari

nomi ansari bridal dresses

Nomi Ansari’s Marjaan took our hearts away. The rich fabrics depicting the richness of our heritage cherishing our cultural festivities and the historical craftsmanship perfected in our country. The prints and the embellishment made the entire collection all the more regal and royal by making those classic silhouettes rich with silks and chiffons. We fell in love with the carrot pink outfit fully embroidered. The printed fabric, bright colours and the finely embroidered dress surely took out heart away. The mix of parrot green and a touch of purple to this carrot pink dress depicted how beautifully Nomi Ansari can play with colours, fabric and cuts. The dress can beautifully be carried by a Mehndi bride who wants this traditional dress to create an aura of festivity.

Zara Shahjahan

zara shahjahan bridal dresses

Zara Shahjahan best number from the Mehrunisa collection has to be the red and gold bridal. The gold tissue lehanga is so beautiful under the red bridal shirt. Any girl who want a pure red dress can surely go for this one. The effort of the Designer surely has to be admired.

Sonia Azher

sonia azhar wedding dresses

The beautiful collection Hypnotism took our heart away. The entire collection was so beautifully embellished and the cuts were so classic that the volumous gown in baby pink surely took our heart away. The laced work and the slit in the front makes the entire dress all the more beautiful. Powder pink colour of the dress makes us blush.

Omer Farooq

omar farooq wedding dresses

Damask by Omer Farooq made us wonder how men can celebrate their manliness with sophistication and innovation in their fashion sense. We believe every human being has the right to feel beautiful. Omer Farooq’s collection reassured all the men that they can look beautiful and feel beautiful. The velvet banned waist coat with a flower on it was our favourite. Whoever can carry it should go and get his hands on the item because it looked amazing for a festive occasion.


muse bridal dresses

We didn’t know what to expect from Muse but its collection “A love Like Ours” amused us. And we liked the use of fabrics and the choice of embroidery on the fabric. We liked a classic Muse dress that is beige and fully embellished with sequence. One thing we loves about it was that it can be worn at any occasion plus this outfit screamed out loud of the brand it belonged to. We can say it was screaming Muse.

Ali Xeeshan

ali xeeshan bridal dresses

Ali Xeeshan never fails to wear his confidence in style. He is so sure about himself that he puts everyone else in doubt. Who except him can dress up stuffed monkeys and make models hold them. Out of his bold collection we loved the white and gold his show stopper Maira Khan wore. The white with a beige gold embroidery and the amazing accessories, we surely loved it.

The model can wear anything and everything with such class. Ali Xeeshan wisely chose his showstopper.