No girl will ever deny the fact that a good pair of shoes can make her feel like a princess. Cinderella was a well thought out Disney fairy tale. It has a perfect story based on glass slippers. The glass slippers were perfect for the one girl they were meant for. Jimmy Choo has followed the lead to come up with a perfect idea of customised shoes to make every girls life better.


The shoes are made according to your specification. All those ladies who have a problem with the bespoke shoes who go through the hassle of getting in soles or gel pads for the shoes. All of the girls who have to wait for the shoe to open up or go through the pain to let the shoe open up according to the size can now get the most amazing designer shoes customised according to their specifications.


All those men out there if you want to make the woman you love feel like a princess you can simply get her a customised shoe made from Jimmy Choo. You can make the shoe personal by getting a personalised initial, date or monogram on the sole of the shoe. The chic and elegant designer has made the idea of Cinderella shoes a reality for the women.


Every Girl would lust over such a pair. The colours, material and the styles to choose from are absolutely amazing. The classic designer doesn’t ever let a pair of shoe disappoint a lady. Each pair is made-to-order and made with precision in Italy which take about 8-10 weeks for the shoe to be ready. The made-to-order shoe service is available at selected shoe so find out where you can get yours from. It definitely is something to lust for. The made-to-order shoes are more exciting than the ‘Memento’ Collection of Jimmy Choo to celebrate the glamour of the brand by paying a tribute to the brand’s iconic red carpet legacy.